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Citizens Insurance Agency Blog: 8_2012

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Most of us have a computer and we’re pretty good at finding what we need online. But when it comes to looking for and finding quality car insurance, things get a little tricky. With hundreds of companies competing for your business, it’s difficult to separate the legitimate companies from the scams. READ MORE >>

Believe it or not, better drivers do pay less the less for car insurance than those with a blemished record. And in Texas, you can bet if you keep a clean driving record, you can find a great deal that will do more to keep your wallet safe than Besides ages, your driving record is the single most important factor in determining premium rates. READ MORE >>

Whether you’re new to car insurance or you’ve been driving for years, you still have to abide by Texas law when it comes to purchasing insurance. There are well defined rules about how much coverage you are required to carry and if you don’t follow the law, you will be fined and maybe even lose your license. READ MORE >>

If you’re like most Texans, you have a car and you depend on it for getting to work, school or just about anywhere you need to go. The fact is, most of us would be lost without our cars and we have no choice but to drive. But we do have choices when it comes to purchasing the right automobile insurance. READ MORE >>

These days, it seems everything is done over the internet. From banking, to shopping, even dating, folks are using their computers to search for and find almost everything. But what about car insurance, is it safe to buy Texas car insurance online? The short answer is yes. READ MORE >>

 For most of us, driving is a necessity. Whether we’re travelling to and from work, school or simply doing the weekly grocery shopping, we’re on the roads. Part of the responsibility that comes with operating a vehicle is car insurance. READ MORE >>

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Question: What are the advantages of requesting a quote from Citizens?

Answer:  By requesting a quote from us you can be rest assured that you will recieve some of the best rates available.  We compare over 50 different insurance companies to make sure of it.
Question:  When I request a quote from you, does my information stay with you or do you share it with other agencies that will hound me with phone calls like most internet quoting sites.

Answer:  Your information stays with us just as if you walked into one of our offices.  We are an independent agency that wants to earn your business the old fashion way with better service and better prices.  
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